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It has been over a month since we posted on our blog – Fall and Harvest are here. Since our last post:

  • We harvested our Ver Jus on August 7th. This year we picked around 400 lbs and loaded it into the Passat and returned to Berkeley. (I think VW should pay us to do an ad about how I can fit almost anything into the Passat including grapes.)
  • We have started to visit most of our vineyards on a weekly basis. Everything is moving along smoothly.
  • The winery build out is as complete as it will be for this year.
  • We harvested our Brosseau Chardonnay on Sept 1. The crop was very light this year – .75 tons per an acre. Flavors are wonderful as always.
  • We planned our next 4 harvests – Friday the 15th will be Wylie Syrah, Fenaughty Syrah and a bit of Roussanne. On Saturday, we will harvest 3 clones of Syrah from the Brosseau vineyard. Of course, this is based on what we expect to see in the vineyards this week.
  • And we poured our wines at the first annual East Bay Vintners Urban Wine Experience and the Montclair Jazz and Wine Festival.

It occurred to me when raising a toast to harvest, it still amazes me how much our friends and family contribute to our wine. Our parents will do everything from palette jack repair to endless hours of babysitting. Our friends will sort grapes, label bottles, stack cases and clean hundreds of yellow bins. We are very lucky to be blessed with such wonderful families and friends.

Happy Harvest!

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