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All in a Name

We are starting a new blog series called ‘Fact Friday’. Fact Friday aims to uncover facts about the Donkey and Goat brand and our natural wine making process. This will be done through videos, photos, vocabulary, and more. We hope to educate and enlighten those who love our wine and those curious about natural wines: This will allow everyone who tries our wines to appreciate the great efforts we take to produce a superior and healthy wine for our customers!

Our first Fact Friday explains the philosophy embedded within our company name Donkey and Goat. Before starting their winery, Tracey and Jared left Pacific Heights in San Francisco to study wine in France. At the vineyard nearby, they constantly sighted a donkey and a goat. They were curious as to why these two animals were always often in a paddock together in the morning and evening but not during the day: what link did these two animals have to wine?

One evening while sipping on some delicious Beaujolais and playing pétanque, Jared asked why there was a donkey and a goat always looming around. The donkey controlled weed growth in the vineyard after being trained not to eat the vines, while the goat was its companion to help balance the donkey’s stubbornness.

They both agreed that this expression of companionship reflected the idea of ying and yang: Life is about balance. This philosophy is central to Donkey and Goat’s wine process. They accept the balance of natural elements in their grapes and do not disturb this in their wine making process. In fact, they allow the natural balance of yeast and sugars within the grape to define their wines. Hence, the name Donkey and Goat: It signifies the relationship of natural balances within their wine.