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Broken Leg becomes Broken Ass

Tracey and I haven’t been very good about posting this year – just too busy. Over the next couple of days, I plan to make up for it.

Why Broken Ass? Two weeks ago today we were sampling Syrah at the Broken Leg and I got bite by a spider. Monday comes and the bite (yes, on my butt) is swollen. Tuesday – my first doctors visit, start Keflex (antibiotic). Wednesday and Thursday, it gets worse. Infection has started in earnest. Friday – second doctors visit. Switch to Cipro and get referral for a surgeon. (Starting to get bad – very bad.) Monday, told to wait until Wednesday. Wednesday, have surgery, start IV antibotics. Late Friday, out of the hospital and back to my bed.

Tracey has been a sweet heart the whole time. She took on my duties at the winery and kept me in the loop. The nurses kept asking what all of the sample bottles were – probably not often that you see Roussanne 11 brix, Gris pressed, Gris free run on sample bottles in a hospital. (Don’t worry, I checked the labels very carefully before smelling/tasting.)

Now, if the wound is in good shape, I will start back at full speed for our old vine harvest on the 14th.