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When time permits, I read customer reviews. With our wine making style, I don’t expect that everyone will love our wine but, of course, I take great pleasure in reading reviews where people do.

Tasted by Steam67. In light of the spritziness I found in my previous bottle, I uncorked this, poured out an ounce (into my mouth), and then upended the bottle with my thumb over the mouth and shook that sucker a few times. I then left it open in the fridge for 40 minutes. This procedure made all the difference. The wine revealed lively strawberry and red fruit notes in the nose, but it really shined on the palate. Strawberry, blood orange, rose, and other pretty floral notes came through with a slight minerality to the finish and great acid balance. Although I enjoyed the first bottle I tried, this one really was fantastic and more interesting. – Tasted 4/25/2007.…Isabels-Cuvee-McDowell/117242

We bottled the Rose using CO2 which increased the spritziness as the CO2 dissolved into the wine and took time to dissipate out. Next year we will try Nitrogen in an effort to protect the wine and limit this short term issue.