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Dumb stages of Roussanne…

Having just finished tasting through our 07 barrels (over the last month)and feely giddy of the quality of this vintage, I am sitting here enjoying a lovely bottle of our 06 Tamarindo. We have opened several bottles over the last few weeks to see how it is doing and are afraid it may be entering a dumb stage. Roussanne is known to do this and the best Roussanne we have experienced went through this stage.

Our natural wine making may have made this stage emerge sooner than expected. Being our first vintage of Roussanne, we aren’t sure how long it will last. That said, if you open a bottle and are not happy with it, just let us know. We will take care of you!

If you do have one and open it over the holidays, we recommend your decant it for a least 2 hours before serving. We learned this trick at Beaucastel while tasting through several vintages of their Vieilles Vignes Roussanne and it worked.

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