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Exhibit at SF Moma showing the additives placed in many

This weeks Fact Friday is inspired by an article in the New York Times: Vintner With Nothing to Hide Finds That Few Are Looking by Eric Asimov. Eric’s article problematizes wineries not providing an ingredient list on every bottle. Many wines are made with various additives ranging from Sulfites to MegaPurple- a fact undisclosed to consumers. In efforts to make wine ingredients transparent to consumers, Randall Grahm of Boony Doon Vineyard in Santa Cruz began labeling ingredients several years back. Few wineries have followed suit.


Donkey and Goat does not label its ingredients, but is providing them in today’s Fact Friday. As we stated, our wines our natural- which to us means as little intervention (i.e. chemical additives) as possible. Thus, in our 2006 and 2007 Reserve Syrah, there were no additives to our wines- just grapes. In more recent years (2008- 2012), our wines included both grapes and 25 ppm total SO2.

We use only one additive – SO2 –  as we like our wines to express the grape- not the 200+ government approved additives to wine.


Here is a link to Eric Asimov’s article:


List of various wine additives!