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Isabel’s Cuvee Grenache Rose Serving Suggestions

Each year, as we race to try and get our rose to finish, we consider filtering it. Should the wine look perfect or taste like summer? We picked taste this year and, as a result, the wine went into bottle without any filtering (except our bug catcher – to keep out, well bugs). This has been our decision nearly every year.

Each time I pour the rose, this decision is evident. Sediment has already formed around the punts at the bottom our bottles and it hasn’t been released yet. With this in mind, I have a few suggestions to maximize your drinking pleasure:

  1. Serve it cool – we don’t cold stabilize the wine but you can with your fridge
  2. Pour carefully – don’t just shake it up and the sediment will tend to remain at the bottom of the bottle
  3. Save the last glass for someone with guts – it won’t be pretty but it will taste great
  4. Don’t serve the wine to anyone who cares about looks above all else – this won’t be for them
  5. Do serve the wines to friends on warm summer nights outside under the stars – what you can’t see, can’ t hurt

It isn’t warm yet in Berkeley but we are already enjoying the rose. Hopefully you will as well.

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