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New York, New York

Our first of several sales trips happened last week: New York City. I can still recall the first time I went to the big apple to sell our wines. I felt giddy, like I imagine young wanna be actors must feel when they arrive. Because my friends if you can make it here you can make it anywhere! Well four year later we have made a considerable amount of success for ourselves in Manhattan and beyond but I still get a rush each time I visit.

This trip was special for many reasons. For one, it was the first sales trip Jared and I have done together. Isabel was born in February of 2005 and in March of 2005 we released our very first wine. This means we’ve always played roshambo to determine who gets the trip vs the home front duty. This time we decided to make it a sales trip combination vacation and took the whole family. We rented a *little* apartment in the LES and had a fantastic week alternating between selling wine and introducing our daughter to the wonders of Manhattan. Back in November when we planned the trip we realized that Eric Texier (our mentor and friend) and his wife and three children were also making a family trip to NYC for their sales trip and painfully would arrive 12 hours after we departed. Try as we did it was impossible to overlap. But in an odd coincidence last night I received a text message asking if I stayed at the apt on Houston because the refrigerator was full of our wine! At first I thought it odd that whomever rented the apartment after us would go to the trouble to figure out my cell phone and text me. But Jared noticed it was a French cell and we soon confirmed that in this increasingly small world we inhabit the Texier clan had rented the very same apartment we did!

On that note we also encountered our first wine list featuring both Eric and our wine from the same vintage, merely lines apart. Something about seeing our wine on the list at the fabulous Aqua Grill, in New York with Eric’s wine made us both pause and realize, hey, we have come a long way!

More New York stories to follow….after a week selling and playing we must attempt to catch up on the piles of mail and email. Plus I think our taxes are due tomorrow!