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Outstanding in the Field Event

We had the pleasure of hosting an Outstanding in the Parking Lot Field this past Monday.

When Tracey first mentioned this group, I had never heard of them. With a tiny bit of research, one starts to read hundreds of reviews of what sounds like incredible meals in the middle of fields. I got excited but had doubts about our parking lot.

As you can see, my doubts were misplaced. With a large arc, the table fit and looked great.

The food was prepared by Nicole LoBue and was truly delicious. Nicole used as much locally produced items as possible. In this case, local meant urban farms – backyards cultivated with vegetables, fruits, goats and rabbits. The list of vendors was amazing.

Despite being cold the event turned out great. You can read more about the event at, the rabbit provider. And view some great photos on Picasa courtesy of Peter Tsolinas. And watch the preview of Edible City with Jim.

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