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Parable of the Cave

An apricot and its cross sectionImage via WikipediaI recently tasted with a wine buyer who started out the meeting, after tasting our Untended Chardonnay, by saying that he like wines that were interesting in their shadows. (I am sure I am not getting what he said quite right, so Jonathan, if you are reading this, I apologize. ) Of course, I though back to reading Plato in college and the prisoners in the cave. I love wine with layers and nuances. Wine that allows you to think and discover as it reveals itself. I often find myself, when thinking about a wine, returning to memories.

When savoring a glass of our Stonecrusher, after the tannin, the wine reminds me of two components to my parent’s backyard in Salt Lake City.

When I was growing up, they had an apricot tree. (In fact, there house was built on an old orchard) I can remember biting into fresh apricots and the distinct aromas and flavors. They also had lots of honeysuckle. I can remember the slighty sweet, very fleeting flavors and aroma of sucking on the bottom of the flowers.

These flavors and aromas don’t jump out and I am glad they don’t. Finding them is part of pleasure for me.

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