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Personal Pairings #1

Happy Monday to all! Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend. This week we are starting another weekly blogpost, this new one called Personal Pairings which will be up every Monday. Each Monday one of our employees, friends, and wine connoisseurs will share their favorite dish/wine pairing.

Our first pairing is recommended by me (Krizia), one of the marketing interns at Donkey and Goat. One of my favorite pairings is an Italian American staple: Chicken Parmigiana paired with our 2009 Fenaughty Vineyard Syrah. While Pinot Noir or Merlot is usually paired with this dish, the fruity and berry-ness of our Syrah really brings out the robust tomato sauce and breaded chicken. It’s generally a great wine for Italian and Spanish dishes. Don’t believe me? Try this combination yourself and you’ll thank me.

Craving some chicken parmigiana and want the recipe? Click here!

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