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Rose Petal Aromas

One of the most interesting comments on wine I have read recently was about La Tâche, one of the famed monopole wines of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Aubert de Villaine, part owner and wine maker, is quoted in Wine Spectator as saying “One thing I noticed in the evolution of our wines, especially Romanée-Conti, is a vegetal note that later becomes this aroma of rose petal “. I have had only two chances to taste La Tâche and one taste of Romanée-Conti. The Romanée-Conti was young and tasted of oak with many years of development ahead of it.

I do remember rose petal aromas on one of the La Tâches and now wonder if I had tasted the wine in its youth, would there have been vegetal flavors. Do other pinots evolve this way? Are there other pinots that start with a vegetal note and end with rose petals?