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Several major wine events over the past week

This past week has been one filled with exceptional wine.

Tuesday started the week. We tasted with Greg Neville of Laguno in Salt Lake City. It was a great tasting.

Tuesday evening was devoted to the Northern Rhone. Accompanied by a spectacular meal at Rubicon, we have 89 and 95 Hermitage Blanc from Domaine J-L Chave of Tain Hermitage. Both of theses wines were showing extremely well. The Roussanne clearly showed through despite being roughly 20%.

Next up were 2 1990 Cornas – one from August Clape (at one point, the local mayor) and the other from Noël Verset . Both were great but the Verset was singing. It had the lovely Thyme/Basil nose that one finds in some great Côte-Rôtie. It reminded me of Clusel-Roch’s 98…

We followed this with 1983, 88 and 89 Chave Rouge and a 89 Jaboulet La Chappelle. Again, just incredible wines. Hopefully, we can makes wines of this caliber and, like these examples, so specific to their origins.

The Tre Bicchieri wine tasting at Fort Mason followed on Wednesday. It was excellent – only our daughter’s need to be picked up from school prevented from spending the whole afternoon there.

A dinner/birthday celebration at Spuce followed on Saturday. Tracey surprised me with our wine tasting group being present… We had 8 wines – none of which I wrote down. What I remember were:
Égly- Ouriet, Les Vignes de Vrigny, Dr. Loosen, Erdner Treppechen 2005, Vouvray Bourillon D’Orleans, Sec 2005, 95 Hospice du Beaune, 97 Vietta Barolo (not sure on the vineyard), 2 cabs and a Aszu , 3 Puttonyos 2000 Tokay with our desert.

Tonight is our winemaker’s dinner. All in all, a great week!