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Summer Beach Reading

I just returned from Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina. We had a great time on the beach and at our winemaker’s dinner at the Port Land Grille.

Instead of the light, typical summer reading, I brought Gods, Men and Wine by William Younger. I am sure I am going to write more about this book but for now:

‘Rabbi Ishmael son of Rabbi Jose visited the home of Rabbi Simeon… They offer him a goblet, which he accepted at the first invitation and drank at one draught. Said they to him:”Do you agree that he who drinks his goblet in one draught is greedy?” Said he to them: “This was not said when your goblet is small, your wine sweet, and my stomach broad.”‘ (Talmud-B, Pesahim, 456.) Such common sense deserved another goblet.

So far, it is a dense but great book. More latter.

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