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Tasting menu with our fall release

As we approach of fall release, we are hosting a preview of our wines for our Trade partners. (Our open house is coming up September 11th.) Ryan from Naked Lunch just called to share their wine tasting menu for Monday and this going to be fun! Each item will be paired with several wines to allow a compare/contrast of the flavors while we explore the versatility of the wines.

Boqurones with egg, manchego and carmelized onions
09 Coupe d’ Or Roussanne+Marsanne, 09 Stone Crusher Roussanne and 09 Untended Chardonnay

Headcheese with cherry compote
09 Broken Leg Vineyard Pinot Noir, 09 Carignane

Grilled beef and heirloom tomato
08 Mendocino M
élange, 07 Reserve Syrah, Broken Leg Vineyard

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