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Tasty Thursday Number 6

California Wine Merchants at Blue Ribbon Wine Bar in New York City.  Megan Meiklejohn mixed our Improbable Chardonnay with Gin.  At first, I was offended but then I gave it a try.   It was pretty good.

This past month, I saw the team again in New York.   Having a more open mind,  I tasted the Meiklejohn and enjoyed it.
  • 1 ½ parts gin
  • 1 part Donkey + Goat Improbable Chardonnay
  • Splash of St Germain (just a splash! A little goes a long way)
  • Twist of lemon zest
  • Shake with ice, serve in chilled martini glass
In Megan’s words:

Great cocktails are created with interesting ingredients and a creative mind… and sometimes accidently. When Donkey + Goat Improbable Chardonnay was accidently used for making a Left Bank Martini, I couldn’t believe that an ounce of the delicious and full flavored Chardonnay was wasted into a cocktail that called for merely a simple and crisp white wine. And on top of that, there were no limes, lemons only. A sin. But low and behold, it was the best Left Bank Martini I’ve had and I continue to use Improbable Chardonnay and lemon for this cocktail. And if you know the story behind the Improbable name, it’s quite a coincidence that it was used for this happy accident. The Improbable Chardonnay was not expected to turn out so well. The vineyards from which the grapes are sourced do not meet the typical conditions that Donkey + Goat looks for to make wonderful Chardonnay, but it turned out to be unique and extremely enjoyable.  Maybe we should call this the Improbable Martini – Chardonnay and gin – who knew!?