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Temperature and wine

We celebrated Tracey’s birthday for a second time this weekend. We arrived at the beach early, as in 8:00 AM, to ensure we got the best possible spot at Heart’s Desire Beach. (If you haven’t been, go this summer. I think it is closing with the California budget cuts after Labor Day – When we got there, it was empty. The fog was in and it was cold. Having a beach to yourself (with a friend for Isabel to play with) is about as nice as it gets.

Around 11, as more people arrived, we opened more and more red wines despite our plan to focus on Isabel’s Cuvée (our rosé). The reds worked better with weather – especially the Syrah’s. Even 4/13 was a bit too bright for the cold beach.

Watching my daughter on the beach and everyone drinking red wine, I thought about how specific times and places are. The last time we were this beach, a white would have been perfect. On Saturday, the Syrahs were perfect.

As the 2008 Roussanne gets closer to bottling, I am struck by how influenced it is by the weather. The 2007 from Fenaughty was dominated by a mineral streak. The 2008 is more like cider with honeysuckle. I can still taste the vineyard but I think the weather plays a bigger influence. 2008 was warmer then 2007 and it was a shorter season. The minerality is there but not as pensive. To compare it to the beach, 2007 was a foggy day at a northern California beach. 2008 is a warm day at the beach in Santa Cruz…

Photo by Mega Leslie.