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We ARE going home again

Thomas Wolfe may have said, “You can’t go home again” but Jared and I plan to do exactly that next week. Crazy scheduling challenges even has us each at a wine maker dinner in our home state on the very same night. With Isabel, I’m off to North Carolina on Saturday where I’ll spend the first week in and around the Triangle. While there I’ll get out in the market with our fabulous sales reps at JUICE (our distributor in NC). Tuesday we will be in Charlotte and Wednesday in Raleigh. On Tuesday Jared will fly to Salt Lake City where he’ll to celebrate his nephews birthday. On Wednesday evening I’ll be in Chapel Hill at Elaine’s on Franklin for a dinner (if you are in Chapel Hill pls join us!) and Jared will be in Salt Lake City at Luganos for a 50+ person dinner that is sold out! It probably didn’t hurt that he made the papers yesterday

The second week we will try to vacation more than we work and have rented a house at Wrightsville Beach. I’ve seen beaches in the Caribbean, France, Spain, Italy, Australia and New Zealand and have never seen anything that is better (for me) than the North Carolina beaches. Needless to say I’m pretty excited! Jared will join us for the holiday weekend and to help me celebrate my new year (no guesses please). And we will conclude our spring sales tour together with a wine maker dinner at The Port Land Grille on May 27th. After that we turn into harvest pumpkins!