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Week Two of Fenaughty Syrah Fermentation

I’ve discovered the reason red wine remains relatively undisturbed during the fermentation process.  The sugary, sweet initial grape juice is delicious, and obviously the finished wine is the grand endpoint, but in between those stages this Syrah should be tasted more to satisfy curiosity than to be enjoyed for pure taste alone.  The nose has grown deeper and almost damper, emitting a sharp odor that could you make you dizzy if you take too strong a whiff.  Just a tiny sniff gives you a mouthful of dry tanginess.  Only after a few moments to let the taste linger does the tart fruitiness from last week’s tasting come through.  It’s almost as if the Fenaughty Syrah is asking to be left alone for a while, to let its flavor develop and mellow out.  The power behind this grape so early in the fermentation process seems to guarantee a complex and strong final flavor.