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Wylie er Rome Rhythm

On Saturday, we got our first red into the winery – Rome Syrah (AKA Wylie of Wylie-Fenaughty fame.) We only get a ton of this fruit and it set a record – we have never had reds in the winery before September 1st. The very early start to the growing season allowed these grapes to achieve the required hang time for full flavor development

We tested our new elevator – photo coming soon — which worked like a charm. Our grower always sorts in the field, so we only needed a quick sort and then into the puncheons for fermentation. We cold soaked until yesterday morning. Our natural fermentation started more quickly this year – one puncheon was going this morning.

Harvest brings many challenges – one is getting into the grove. We punch down two to three times a day and making that happen is a bit of a challenge but we are getting there.

Next up – not sure? We are going to the foothills to check our 3/13 grapes this Saturday and then off to McDowell for Rose.